Tripoli University staff member kidnapped

By Olfa Andolsi.

Tunis, 12 May 2017:

Another member of staff at Tripoli university was kidnapped yesterday afternoon.

Colleagues said the university’s deputy head of financial and administrative affairs, Dr Said Mayouf, was abducted in the nearby Hadba area of the city by militiamen after leaving the university.

On social media, many called for his release saying he was good man and did not deserve on such treatment.

In February, he called on the director of the budget department at the finance ministry to consider raising the salaries of staff at Tripoli university, a decision praised by the local union.

It is the second kidnapping connected to the university in recent days. Three weeks ago, a member of the teaching staff, Dr Salem Beitelmal, was seized by gunmen not far from his home on the western outskirts of the capital.

Kidnapping is rampant in the city. Amnesty International recently said that there had been at least 293 kidnappings in the six weeks between December 15 and 31 January. But these are only the reported ones. The vast majority are unreported. A prominent businessman who endured the kidnapping of a relative last year recently estimated Tripoli kidnappings at between 20-30 a day.

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