Tajouri takes Hadba prison, also demolishes home of Khaled Al-Sharif

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tunis, 27 May 2017:

Militia commander Haitham Tajouri and his Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade (TRB) seized Hadba prison late last night. They also demolished the house of its controller, Khaled Al-Sharif.

Following initial concerns about the fate of the inmates, a statement by the Presidency Council-backed Ministry of Interior later said all prisoners had been transferred, including Saadi Qaddafi and former intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi.

Both are reported to have been moved to Fornaj prison whilst other inmates were taken to Ain-Zara jail. The Ministries of Interior and Justice reassured the families of the prisoners that they were in good health.

It is meanwhile reported that a leading commander of the Libyan National Guard, formed in February by Khalifa Ghwell, was killed in the fighting to take Hadba prison. He has been named as Salem al-Baski, also known as “Abdullah Rajab” and is said to have been be a member of the former Libya Islamic Fighting Group.

There are also reports that the Tripoli home of Sami Saadi, one of Fakhr Libya leaders and a former LIFG member like Sharif, was also destroyed by Tajouri and his allies.

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