Mobile phone coverage returns to Sirte after two years

By Jamie Prentis.

Tunis, 29 May 2017:

The two main mobile phone service providers in the country, Libyana and Al-Madar, are again providing network coverage in Sirte after an interval of two years, the Bunyan Marsous Operations Room (BM) announced yesterday.

Engineers have been hard at work to restore coverage, with networks and communication stations heavily damaged during the long battle to oust the so-called Islamic State (IS) last year.

The municipal council had said it wanted to bring back telephone services in time for Ramadan. Libyana began a pilot scheme two days ago in parts of Sirte and has now expanded its coverage.

Local engineers are also working hard to restart internet services as well. They are expected to be back in action next week.

Reports say the local municipal guard has also returned, despite its offices still largely unusable because of the damage during the conflict, The guard will not only be engaged in inspecting local businesses, checking they are abiding by local laws and regulations but also in helping maintain security.

BM forces have meanwhile stepped up patrols in the desert south of Sirte as local officials report sporadic incursions in the area by remnants of the IS forces

Security officials in Bani Walid killed four IS fighters and arrested another two last week.



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