PC decides to divide the country into seven military zones

By Libya Herald reporters.

Tripoli, 1 June 2017:

The Presidency Council (PC) has announced the formation of seven military zones across Libya, dividing them up into Tripoli, Benghazi, Tobruk, Sebha, Kufra and the Central and Western regions.

Each zone will be headed by a commander who will be appointed by and report to the chief of a Libyan army under the PC’s control. The Ministry of Defence will give financial backing and help in the training of troops.

Given the limited control the PC has across the country, it is unclear how they will assert authority over some areas, especially those that Khalifa Hafter and his Libyan National Army control. Nor is mention is made of how the PC will deal with the array of powerful militias nominally under its authorty.

The PC explained that each zone commander, working with a deputy is to be responsible for preparing and training his forces, whether in peace or battle. Commanders will also have to clear all plans with the PC.

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