Beida CBL sends out more “Russian” dinars

By Libya Herald reporters.

A sample of one of the "Russian" dinars (Photo: Beida CBL).

A sample of one of the “Russian” dinars (Photo: Beida CBL).

Benghazi,  13 June 2017:

The Beida-based Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has begun distributing in east  LD337 million of a new consignment of Russian printed dinars, which its counterpart in Tripoli last year agreed to accept as a legitimate currency.

According to the Beida institution, the Jumhouria Bank has received LD96 million,  Wahda LD91 million,  Commercial LD75 million, North Africa LD31 million, Sahara LD25 million, Trade and Development LD10 million and the Mediterranean and Ejmaa Alarabi banks LD4 million each.  It is unclear where the remaining LD1 million went,

The Beida CBL gave no details of when this latest tranche of “Russian” dinars arrived. The first shipment of these notes (LD200 million) was delivered to Labraq Airport in May last year. There have since been at least three further consignments amounting to LD1.6 billion.  When the new note was first announced, the Beida CBL said it was ordering a total of LD4 billion.

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