Doctors successfully remove bullet from brain of man hit in random shooting

By Olfa Andolsi.

Tunis, 17 June 2017:

Despite the major difficulties facing in health service throughout Libya, a team of doctors at Tripoli’s Ali Omar Askar Neuro Hospital has managed to successfully remove a bullet from the head of a 22-year-old man. The unnamed man was taken to the hospital at Esbaia, near the closed Tripoli international Airport south of the city on 13 June, after being hit by a stray bullet.

Initial medical treatment had been administered before the man was transferred to the neuroscience unit.

According to the hospital, the operation was especially precarious because the bullet was lodged in an area of the brain where a mistake in removing it could have been fatal.

The man’s condition is now described as excellent.

The medical team consisted of Drs Abdelhamid Bin Shaaban, Faraj Al-Amami, Adel Abuzinin and their assistants.

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