Family at Tripoli beach killed in RPG attack: report

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tripoli, 4 July 2017:

A family of five were reported killed early late this afternoon while at the beach near Mitiga airport when a rocket-propelled grenade exploded beside them. It is believed to have been launched from within the airbase.

Among the family, named as that of Daou Al-Zintani, two children and two women are said to have died. Several others were wounded, seven of whom are said to be in a serious condition, including a woman and a child. They were taken to Abu Sleem hospital. Two others were also taken to the hospital while five people were treated locally for minor injuries.

The incident followed clashes near Mitiga very early this morning between two local families, named as Shadi and Sumbul, in which a member of the former was allegedly killed by the latter. Following the dead man’s funeral after Asr prayers late this afternoon, gunmen from the Shadi family gathered at the roundabout outside Mitiga where the Sumbul fighters are said to be based and started shooting at it.

In response, an unidentified person is said to have launched the RPG which killed the people at the beach.

Clashes between the two groups continued late into the evening.

In a bid to stop them, Haithem Tajouri is said to have moved his forces to the area.

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