Unhappiness over Beida government fees for foreign marriages

By Libya Herald reporters.

A Libyan wedding (Photo: Esther Kofod)

A traditional Libyan wedding (Photo: social media)

Benghazi, 18 July 2017:

The Thinni government in Beida has produced new marriage fees which social media sites are protesting discriminate against Libyan women.

The new fees mean that every Libyan man who marries a foreign woman must pay LD 5,000, while every foreigner who marries a Libyan woman must find LD 3,000.  The cost of Libyans marrying other Libyans is LD 50.

A key concern is that the fees for foreign marriages are seen as fines for not marrying a Libyan. There are also complaints that the new decree does not deal with the granting of Libyan citizenship to the children of a Libyan woman who has married a foreigner.

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