LNA says women are fighting alongside last Benghazi militants

By Libya Herald reporter.

An LNA take firing in Sidi Khrebish (LNA vide0

An LNA tank firing in Sidi Akhrebish (grab from LNA video)

Benghazi, 22 July 2017:

The Libyan National Army (LNA) reports that women have been seen fighting alongside the last remnants of militants in Benghazi, in the Sidi Akhrebish area.

There was heavy fighting in the area on Friday around the district’s Bela Square as the LNA mounted a push against the last remaining fighters. Resistance was fierce and the LNA believe that two of the top Ansar Al-Sharia leaders are holed up : Abdullah Buzgeia and Ahmed bin Shatwan.

The LNA lost four soldiers during the day. Another five were reported killed by mine explosions, and at least ten more injured.

There were no figures for militant casualties.

There was continued in the area fighting today, Saturday.

Narrow streets and mines made progress difficult for the LNA as it advanced in Sidi Akherbish. Tanks and vehicles were reported struggling to navigate the way. LNA jets could be seen overheard but did not drop any bombs. Mortar fire is being used instead.

According to Saiqa Special Forces spokesman Milad Al-Zwai, the militants control an area of just 150 square metres. Once it was taken and the militants either killed or captured, he said that the Benghazi operation would be finally over.

Meanwhile, it is reported that a 25-year-old man was rushed to Jalaa Hospital with bullet wounds having been shot in Salmani district. It is that Ramadan Al-Shuwaidi was the victim of random bullet fire. His condition is now described as stable.

The hospital is also treating a 54-year-old women injured with shrapnel when a mortar shall landed at a social club in the city yesterday evening.


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