Hafter appoints new committee to look after wounded LNA fighters

By Libya Herald team.

Tunis, 31 July 2017:

Khalifa Hafter has appointed new members to the military committee that is supposed to ensure care for Libyan National Army (LNA) soliders wounded in battle. The new committee is to be headed by Brigadier Saad Omar Al-Fasi and have five officers and five doctors.

An order states that the functions of the previous committee will carry over to the new one.

The move follows protests in Benghazi ten days ago over the lack of treatment wounded soldiers had received. Many of the protestors (some were civilians as well as former fighters), said they had been completely neglected.

In a separate development, Hafter has appointed Air Commodore Al-Hassan Mo’men Al-Habouni as head of the security directorate at the Musaid crossing on the border with Egypt. According to the LNA general command, this is the first in appointing military officers to take control of security at all Libya’s land border posts, airports and sea ports.

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