Saif Qaddafi says Italian deployment is attempt at recolonisation: report

By Libya Herald reporter:

Saif Al-Islam after his 2011 capture by Zintani forces (File photo)

Saif Al-Islam after his 2011 capture by Zintani forces (File photo)

Tunis, 5 August 2017:

Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi has become the latest person to condemn the Italian naval deployment in Libyan waters, reportedly saying that Italy is trying recolonise Libya. . The late dictator’s son suggested that Italy was looking back to the days when Libya was a Italian colony.

According to reports, Saif said the Italians had betrayed the mutual relationship between the two countries when they allowed NATO aircrafts to bomb Libya from Italian airbases. Now, he added, the Italians were repeating the NATO scenario by violating Libyan sovereignty – and all because of the irresponsible conduct of some Libyan officials.

Saif was released from house arrest in Zintan in June. Earlier this week, claiming to be speaking on his behalf, Abdulsalam Al-Mashri said that a number of foreign countries had offered Saif asylum but that he had chosen to remain in Libya because he felt the battle against terrorism had be fought from inside the country.

Although he said he was in contact with Saif, Mashri admitted to not having seen him since he was freed, nor did he allude to his whereabouts.

Saif is widely believed to be somewhere in the deep south of the country with Qaddafi loyalist leader General Ali Kana. This, however has not been confirmed.

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