Libyan peace runner Al-Busayri arrives in Sebha

By Gabriel Harrison.

Tunis, 18 August 2017:

Libyan peace runner Abdulsalam Al-Busayri arrived in Sebha yesterday evening after completing 400 kilometres from his starting point near the border with Niger. The purpose of his endeavours, he says, is to promote peace in Libya, particularly in Fezzan.

Upon arrival in the south regional capital, Busayri was given a grand welcome organised by Libyana mobile Company, Ittihad sports club and the Cultural Salon in Sebha. There was then cheering from bystanders in the streets as he went on by foot to a local arena to be greeted by local sports associations as well as the director of the Sebha Sports Council.

This is not the first time that Busayri has run for peace in Fezzan. He started his runs in late 2015, hoping that it would promote peace and harmony in throughout the south and in Libya as a whole.

Since then, he has made a number of peace runs: one from the Ras Jadir crossing on the Tunisian border along the coast to Misrata—a distance of roughly 380 kilometres. Other journeys include one from Janzur to the Wirshefana area, the Egyptian border to Kish Square in Benghazi. and one from the Wazen crossing through the Jebel Nafusa and on to Tripoli.

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