LNA battalion in Brak attacked, one dead

By Ajnadin Mustafa.

Cairo, 18 August 2017:

A unit from the Libyan National Army’s 12th Battalion was attacked at dawn this morning near Brak Al-Shatti by an armed group. Three soldiers were wounded in the assault which took place at the Dabwat agricultural project south of Brak airbase. They were taken to the 2nd March Hospital in Sebha but one of them died from his injuries some hours later.

It is not known whom the attackers were. However, there have been reports of remnants of the Islamic State force ejected from Sirte operating in the area. Alternatively, they could be linked to Ahmed Al-Hasnawi, the hardline Islamist commander accused of being behind the massacre in May at the airbase in which 141 people died.

Of the 141, 86 were from the 12th Battalion.

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