Justice & Construction Party condemn Ghariani

By Libya Herald reporters.

Sheikh Sadek Al-Ghariani (File photo)

Sadek Al-Ghariani denounced by J&C (File photo)

Tripoli, 19 August 2017:

The Justice and Construction (J&C) party, widely seen as the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, has turned on the Tripoli’s Dar Al-Ifta head Sheikh Sadek Ghariani for pronouncing that anyone who backed the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) was “non-believer”.

The controversial Ghariani is a long-standing opponent of the LPA who has regularly used his Tanasuh satellite TV channel  to denounce the agreement, the Presidency Council (PC) and Faiez Serraj. He has in the past also called for a jihad against the Libyan National Army (LNA) and its commander Khalifa Hafter and last May condemned the Abu Dhabi meeting of Serraj and Hafter as a conspiracy.

The J&C under its leader Mohamed Sawan has supported the LPA but until now has avoided going head to head with Ghariani.

However, today it declared that the sheikh’s anathema on those who backed the agreement was “irresponsible” and amounted to an invitation to shed Libyan blood. It said the cleric wanted to use religious fatwas to advance his political agenda which was unacceptable.

It insisted that the PC and the LPA were the only option for Libya.

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