Corinthia Hotel terror attack suspects in court

By Libya Herald reporters.

One of the Corinthia attack suspects in court today (Photo: Rada)

One of the Corinthia attack suspects arriving at court today (Photo: Rada)

Tripoli, 21 August 2017:

There were extensive security precautions as two terror suspects were brought to court in Tripoli, today charged with being involved in a series of attacks in the capital, including the January 2015 assault on the luxury Corinthia Hotel, in which nine people were killed.

The defendants have not been named and as yet it is unclear how they came to be detained, apparently by the Rada Deterrence Force.  In the attack on the Corinthia the two men who stormed inside gunning down security guards and guests, were finally cornered on one of the upper floors. Both died either from gunshots or in the explosion of a grenade – it was never made clear.  The assault had been preceded by the explosion of a car bomb outside the hotel.

The role in the attack of the men on trial today has not yet been revealed but they are also suspected of involvement in subsequent terror attacks.

At the time of the Corinthia murders a social media site linked to the so-called Islamic State said that it had carried out the attack. It identified the two attackers as a Tunisian and aSudanese,  whose noms de guerres were Abu Ibraheem Al-Tunisi and Abu Sulaiman Al-Sudani. They were supposedly members of “Abu Anas Al-Libi Assault” named after the East African US embassy bombings suspect abducted from his Tripoli home and handed over the the US.

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