Several reported injured in clashes at Khoms bank

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tripoli, 24 August 2017:

Fighting between two groups outside a bank in Khoms this morning is said to have left several people injured.

The trouble apparently started after the delivery of LD 5 million to the town’s Sahara Bank. A armed unit which guards the port then turned up and according to one report tried to force its way to the top of the queue of people waiting outside to withdraw cash. A second version said the group were demanding that all the cash be handed over to the municipality for distribution elsewhere in order to avoid chaos outside the bank.

There were then clashes between the group and guards from the crime prevention department drafted in by the bank for security on the occassion. A statement from the department claimed that the other militia had opened fire on its men. It added that it had withdrawn to calm the situation. The other side also withdraw.

The bank closed its doors.

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