Ajdabiya moves to end vigilante revenge attacks on property

By Libya Herald reporter.

Cairo, 27 September 2017:

Top officials in Ajdabiya, in a meeting with Saiqa Special Forces commander  Major General Wanis Bukhamada, have condemned attacks by vigilante squads on homes belonging to alleged militants or those considered linked to them.

The move follows the destruction of the home of former mayor Salam Jadhran and those of other members of the Jadhran family. These have been attacked, burgled and then set on fire. The homes of a number of members of the Islamist-leaning Ajdabiya Revolutionaries’ Shoura Council, have also been attacked and their families forced to flee – in the case of shoura council member Ebraik Al-Zwai, known as Masriya, the house was reported to have been blown up after it was robbed.

In a statement issued on Monday, following discussions with Bukhamada, senior Ajdabiya police and army officers as well as the acting mayor said there had to be an end to such revenge attacks. Insisting that the families of suspects should not be forced to flee, they set up a committee to investigate everyone in the town accused of collaborating with the militants over the past three years. The committee is to also ensure that the properties of the accused are in future protected.

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