IS cameraman involved in 2015 Sirte massacre of Egyptian Christians in custody says Assour

By Libya Herald reporter.

A picture said to show kidnapped Egyptians in hands of IS at Sirte (social media)

A picture said to show the kidnapped Egyptians in February 2015 in Sirte hands of IS at Sirte (Photo: Social media)

Cairo, 28 September 2017:

The man who filmed the execution of a group of 21 mostly Egyptian Christians in Sirte in February 2015 by the so-called Islamic State (IS) is among a number of IS members now in detention and being interrogated, the head of investigations at the attorney general’s office, Sadek Assour, said today at a press conference in Tripoli. He also said that it had now been ascertained that the 21 had been buried somewhere behind the Mahari Hotel in Sirte. The bodies would be searched for and exhumed, he added

Investigations had also confirmed that the two Tunisian journalists who disappeared near Ajdabiy three years ago, Nadhir Ktari and Sofiene Chourabi, had been killed by IS, he stated, also verifying the killing of the VOAS oilfield workers captured by the terrorists at the Ghani oilfield in March 2015.

Information had been obtained as well about the execution in April 2015 of 30 Ethiopian Christians by IS.

Altogether there were some 200 incidents involving terrorists that had been investigated, including the 2014 assassinations in Derna of former Attorney General Abdulaziz Al-Hasadi and General National Congresswomen Fariha Al-Berkawi, and would result in court action, Assir said.

Evidence had been gathered from IS members already being held. He did not say how many there were, but as a result arrest warrants were being issued for 830 suspects in Libya and for another 50 believed to now be outside the country. Arrest warrants had been passed on to Interpol. No names were mentioned although Assour did say that Libyan officials were among those facing arrest on terrorism-related charges.

He also said that most IS members had not been Libya, that they had come from Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Mali and Chad.

Details about the various IS killings, such as those of the Egyptians and the VOAS workers, have been previously disseminated, but this was the first time the Attorney General’s office formally verified them.


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