Bani Walid elders killed on peace mission near Mizdah

By Libya Herald staff.

Tunis, 29 September 2017:

Two members of the Warfala tribe’s social council from Bani Walid and two others accompanying them were killed when the car they were traveling in was attacked this morning on the road north of Mizdah heading to Gharyan. According to a source in Bani Walid, the car crashed and overturned after it was shot at. The source said that all four had died from injuries sustained in the crash rather than shot. The vehicle itself, though, was said to have been peppered with gunshot.

Those who died were Abdullah Antat, the deputy leader of the Warfala social council, and another member Khamis Asbaga Al-Mansali, together with Adel Ben Jadiriya and the driver, Masoud Al-Mansali.

According to reports they were on their way to join in reconciliation talks between the Mashashia and the Qantrar tribe.

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