Another multiple burial unearthed in Benghazi

By Libya Herald reporters.

Some of the grave discovered in Ganfouda (Photo: social media)

Some of the grave discovered in Ganfouda (Photo: social media)

Benghazi, 30 September 2017:

A stench of putrefaction is said to have led investigators to what is suspected to be a multiple burial site in a building in Benghazi.

The bodies, believed to be those of militants, were buried in the floor of a property near the Chinese Buildings in Ganfouda.

The city’s Security Directorate appears not to have finished excavating the graves and has  not yet given a figure for the number of those interred there.

Most of the fighting in Ganfouda, in the south-west Benghazi, finished this February though until a long siege of the 12 Apartments, ended in March  the district was not finally cleared of militants.

Throughout the battle for Benghazi,  militants unable to bury their dead have typically used buildings and this is only the latest in aa series of such discoveries. Some of the dead who have been identified were Libyan National Army (LNA) soldiers who had been captured.

Meanwhile thus-far unidentified death squads have been leaving  the bodies of militant suspects on rubbish dumps or in parks. The latest such murders occurred in this August.

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