Oil tanker arrives at Benghazi port to end fuel shortage

By Olfa Andolsi.

Tunis, 9 October 2017:

The fuel tanker loaded to arrive at Benghazi port’s Juliana basin in three years docked in the early hour of the morning. Deliveries to the harbor had been impossible since 2014 because of fighting between the Libyan National Army and militant. It was particularly strong in the port area.

Breaking the ice, the Anwar Libya carried 13 million litres of fuel from both the refinery in Tobruk and supplies imported through Tobruk harbor. On arrival, this was uploaded onto trucks which took it to the storage depot at Ras Al-Mungar in north Benghazi.

The delivery has put an end to the fuel shortage caused of private fuel truck drivers started last week over demands that they be aid more.

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