Qaddafi family lawyer says Saif Al-Islam has begun political campaign, vows to sue Qatar

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tunis, 17 October 2017:

The Qaddafi family lawyer has said that Saif Al-Islam is planning a political comeback and is moving around Libya and in touch with various tribes about the next steps forward.

Speaking in Tunis today, Khalid Al-Zaidi said Saif was in excellent health and claimed that the Libyan people were eagerly awaiting his return and the unveiling of his political programme.

Zaidi also claimed that an international organisation would shortly be set up to ensure senior Qatari leaders, including the former emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, were prosecuted at the International Criminal Court for what had happened in Libya.

This, in fact, would be almost impossible without the UN Security Council referring the former emir to the court – an extremely unlikely event.

The ICC prosecutor can take on cases if she or he is satisfied that that there is a reasonable basis to do so. But it has to involve crimes by a national of a state that is a member of the ICC or one that has accepted ICC jurisdiction. Neither Libya nor Qatar are ICC members and while Libya has de facto accepted ICC jurisdiction, Qatar has not. Indeed it was one of a small handful of states (along with Libya) that voted in the UN against teh ICC’s creation.

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