Water stops in Tripoli as Qaddafi militants now threaten to blow up gas pipeline

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tripoli, 19 October 2017:

The water supply in Tripoli and the sounding area has once again stopped after a pro-Qaddafi militia in the south of the country carried out its threat to turn off the valves the Man-Made River valves if its leader were not released by the Rada (“Deterrence”) forces of Abdul Raouf Kara.

Al-Mabrouk Ahnish, a member of the Magarha tribe from Brak Al-Shatti, was captured at the beginning of the week in the Wirshefana area along with several Sudanese fighters and handed over to Rada. He is being held at Mitiga. Three days ago, Mabrouk’s brother, Khalifa Ahnish, threatened to stop the Man-Made River water supply to Tripoli if Al-Mabrouk were not released within 72 hours. The deadline has now expired.

In a separate video, militiamen threatened to blow up the gas pipeline in the south heading to the Mellitah oil and gas complex and from there feeding into the Greenstream pipeline to Italy if Mabrouk Ahnish were not freed.

“They’re quite capable of doing it,” said one member of the tribe. “Ahnish is quite crazy and doesn’t care about anyone in authority,” he added, warning that the situation could escalate even further if there were not immediate negotiations. But he doubted whether Kara would free him.

Khalifa Ahnish has appeared in yet another video claiming that he and his fellows were not mercenaries unlike, he said, those supporting Khalifa Hafter and other forces in the country. He was with Ali Kani, he said. However, Kani, the pro-Qaddafi Tuareg commander based in Obari, is now reported to be denying that the Ahnish brothers have anything to do with him.

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