Thinni suspends health minister Reida El-Oakley– again

By Libya Herald reporter.

Beida government health minister Reida El-Oakley (Photo: Libya Herald)

Reida El-Oakley (Photo: Libya Herald)

Benghazi, 27 October 2017:

The Beida-based interim prime minister has suspended his health minister, Reida El-Oakley, following a report from the House of Representatives’ health and environment committee alleging maladministration by the minister.

It is the second time Oakley has been suspended over the allegations. A year ago, he was suspended after a member of the HoR health committee complained to Thinni about Oakley on the matter. It was claimed at the time, however, that the committee member had a personal grudge against Oakley relating to sacking a relative of his by the minister. The suspension led to protests in hospitals in Benghazi and other towns where the minister is seen as a capable and hardworking minister.

The previous suspension was lifted last November after a court ruled it illegal.

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