Sadad mobile phone e-payment service reveals more details for subscribers

By Sami Zaptia.



London, 13 November 2017:

The new Libyan mobile phone payment system soon to be launched by Sadad

CBL and Madar launch Sadad mobile e-payment service

and Almadar mobile phone company has released more information for subscribers.

Subscription to the service will be for Almadar mobile customers and Libyan nationals. It will be free for the first three months followed by a one-off LD 10 annual subscription charge. There will be no charge to individual customers on purchases. Sadad has referred enquiries on its services to its customer service line: 1216.

Subscribers are encouraged to book an appointment by SMS on #666 to fill-in the online form and then take their Libyan passport and National ID number to the Sadad Service Centre in 24 December Street (former 1st September Street).

The new mobile payment system will only operate domestically in the short term and Sadad said that all its transactions are Sharia compliant as they have been approved by the CBL’s Sharia Committee.


At the time of writing the Sadad website was still not working.

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