Hafter and Salamé hold action plan talks in Cairo

By Libya Herald reporters.


Khalfa Hafter and Ghassan Salamé in Cairo today (Photo: UNSMIL)

Tunis/Alexandria, 3 December 2017:

UN special envoy Ghassan Salamé has been discussing his action plan with Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter in Cairo today. Salam had flown in from Rome where he had divulged that Hafter had told him he believed in the importance of elections.

Salamé has now said they talked about the proposed polls today. They are also reported to have discussed efforts to combat terrorism and destroy terrorist organisations as well the current economic crisis affecting most Libyans. Additionally, they are said to have talked about the recent Cairo meetings between LNA officials and those from western Libya to reunite the Libyan armed forces.

House of Representatives president Ageela Saleh is also in Cairo and was due to for his own talks with Salamé today. He is reported to have been in Cairo for some days where he is said to be undergoing medical treatment.

He, Salamé and Hafter are understood to be meeting collectively tomorrow.

It is not reported if Hafter saw any Egyptian officials although he was said to have seen Egyptian President Abdul Fateh El Sisi today. This, however, has not been confirmed.

For his part, Salamé had talks today with Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry on his action plan. UNSMIL tweeted that Shoukry “reiterated Egypt’s support &appreciation for UN efforts”.

Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid added that Shoukry was deeply concerned about the flight of so-called called Islamic State fighters from Syria ad Iraq to Libya and thus threatening the country and region.

Shoukry believed it vital that Libya had a stable military establishment, Zeid said.

Salamé further briefed Shoukry on the extensive efforts of his UN team in reaching out to all parties.

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