Another LNA death in Benghazi battle that was supposedly won

By Libya Herald reporters.

Sidi Akribesh where militants have now held out for four months (Photo: supplied)

Sidi Akribesh where militants still hold out (Photo: supplied)

Benghazi, 4 December 2017:

Another Libyan National Army soldier has been killed today in the continuing battle to take Benghazi’s Sidi Akribesh from Islamist militants.

The fighter, named as Abdul Salam Mohamed Hussein Al-Fakhri, was from the Saiqa Special Forces who are leading the offensive, spokesman Milad Al-Zwai said.

Another three Saiqa soldiers were wounded, but Zwai described their injuries as “medium to light”. He also said that a supply dump used by the militants had been found.

The LNA operation is still centred on a local hotel and its surrounding areas. Pro-LNA accounts online shared images of men firing RPG’s and the use of tanks and machine guns mounted on vehicles.

Zwai claimed that the militants were divided. Some wanted to surrender, while other diehards had threatened to “cut the necks” of those who did so. Zwai also said that Saiqa were now fighting inside the same hotel.

Today’s death comes two days after it was revealed that Mahmoud Al-Warfali, wanted by the International Criminal Court and said by the LNA to be in detention, has been one of the commanders involved in the operation. A Saiqa fighter was also killed four days ago.

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