Thinni health minister suspension illegal says Beida court

By Jamie Prentis.

Thinni Oakley Musaid

Thinni Oakley last summer planning a new hospital in Musaid (File photo)

Tunis, 7 December 2017:

The appeal court in Beida has lifted the suspension of the interim health minister Dr Reida Oakley. It ruled the decision by interim prime minister Abdullah Al Thinni illegal.

Dr Oakley has confirmed the news.

He had been put on indefinite leave following a report from the House of Representatives’ (HoR) health and environment committee alleging maladministration by the minister. There have been claims, however, that those behind the report had a personal vendetta against Oakley.

It was the second time Dr Oakley had been suspended over the allegations after a member of the HoR health committee complained to Thinni about Oakley last year. That suspension was also lifted in by a ruling against it by the same court. That resulted in Thinni then reinstating the minister.

So far Thinni has not responded to the court order.  Last time he moved quickly to reinstate Oakley after the ruling was made.

There is also no news about Oakley’s counter call to the court to censure Thinni for ignoring its previous judgement.



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