Shahat launches anti-female harassment campaign

By Jamal Adel

Shahat anti harrasment logo

Khartoum, 12 December 2017:

The Shahat security directorate has begun a campaign against harassment of females. It has started the hashtag #Be_human on its official Facebook page in an attempt to spread awareness about the problem.

“Harassment is one of the main tools that spread obscenity to society” and paves the road to Haram (forbidden) ideas” a statement said. “No meeting of man and woman, unless Satan himself is their third companion,” it added.

It comes after the arrest of dozens of young men in Marj and Ajdabiya who were accused of pestering schoolgirls and teachers. They had their heads shaved as a punishment.

Parents were asked to collect their bothersome sons who had to pledge not to commit the offences again.

The campaign against harassment is largely religious-based.

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