Activists condemn Tripoli militia action, call for legitimate army

Tunis, 17 January 2018:

A group of Libyan political activists, media specialists and diplomats issued a joint statement today condemning the latest militia fighting in Tripoli. They welcomed efforts to re-establish a legitimate and unified Libyan army accountable to the civilian legitimate authorities.

The full statement read as follows:



The signatories of this statement are following with great concern the situation that our country Libya has reached, including the aggravated suffering of its citizens. Whilst they are keen to continue the democratic process to reach and implement a solution in a state of security chaos and the absence of state monopolizing the use of weapons, they strongly reject the continued tampering with the security of the state and the citizens by the armed groups.

They welcome the efforts of the Armed Forces Unification Committee, which has held several meetings in Cairo, Egypt, and look forward to seeing the results of its work as soon as possible, as well as looking forward to assistance in implementing these results by all authorities, non-official bodies and political actors as soon as it is issued.

The unification of the armed forces and establishing its structures on national, scientific and technical bases according to international standards has become an urgent need, especially as the country is preparing to organize legislative and presidential elections to get out of the transitional phase. This process cannot be implemented if the government does not have the tools to impose security and the rule of law.

The signatories to this statement urge all political actors to refrain from any action that would put the armed forces in political squabbles or obstruct the efforts of their leaders aimed at unifying them in the interest of the country and the preservation of its sovereignty and security.

May Allah save Libya and grant Libyans success and well-being.



84 Signatories


  1. Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi
  2. Abdulhadi M. Shamata
  3. Nasrin Elmajdob Elareibi
  4. Ali Mohammed Yahia Alrgeai
  5. Adel Mabruk Ajaj
  6. Ahmad Nuri Kuwairi
  7. Ibrahim Balqasim
  8. Aref Ali Nayed
  9. Abdalghny Hassan Alariby
  10. Issa Abdel Majeed Mansour
  11. Almabruk Sultan
  12. Ali Faraj alqatrani
  13. Taher Al Taieb Alsharif
  14. Nasser Hassan Maegal
  15. Laila Abosaif Yasin
  16. Yusuf Khalifa alayeb
  17. Maryam alshairi
  18. Ahmad alSanusi
  19. Mahmoud Albosifi
  20. Hussain Muhammad alAnsari
  21. Mohamed Ibrahim Allagi
  22. Abdulbsit Abrahim Almnfay
  23. Muhammad Mahmoud Bojanah
  24. Abdulsalam Mohamed Mohamed Ba’ayyu
  25. Munir Othman Zghaibeh
  26. Ahmad Saleh Muhammad alMayyar
  27. Omran Ashour Zwed
  28. Muftah .alhorer
  29. Alarabi Alwarfalli
  30. Tariq Muhammad Alkish
  31. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Rabbo
  32. Mohamed Abdalla Buker
  33. Said D. Dwga
  34. Fawzi Taher Abdulali
  35. Fawizi Ammar Alluki
  36. Abdussalam Mabruk Alabeidi
  37. Wael Barakah
  38. Isam Altajuri
  39. Farhat Omar Bengdara
  40. Omar Mohamed Tantush
  41. Ali Mabruk Boqrain
  42. Suliman Salem Alshahomy
  43. Mohamed Sayeh Eltayf
  44. Ahmad Muhammad Alfayturi
  45. Ahmad Muhammad Juha
  46. Abdullah Inbayyah Athamnah
  47. Abubakar Mohamed Armela
  48. Ibrahim Hadiyyah Almujbiri
  49. Hamza Muhammad Altureki
  50. Ibrahim G. Guider
  51. Adel Ali M. ‘Elmqasbi
  52. Suad Muhammad Sultan
  53. Muftah Ataher Ahmadi
  54. Fayroz Mansour Albrjo
  55. Farida Mohamed Alzlitni
  56. Salah Ali Ahmed Al’or
  57. Lajaili Mohamed Ali Albahluli
  58. Ali Mohamed Al Murabit
  59. Talal Abdullah Al Maihub
  60. Rabi’a Ali Al Krekshi
  61. Adil Mawlod Mahfuz
  62. Ali Mohamed Kashir
  63. Ashraf Mohamed Albaraki
  64. Abdullateef Ramadan Almuhalhil
  65. Ibtissam Al Tahir Alqasabi
  66. Yusef Abubakr Al Kahraz
  67. Khaled Musa Al Sakran
  68. Asma Amara Sariba
  69. Aamal Mohamed Alwirfalli
  70. Abdurrahman Ibrahim Alqhais
  71. Ahmad Muhammad Burjah
  72. Alhadi Abdulkarim Hnaitish
  73. Abdulnasir Abdulhamid Najm
  74. Aamir Mohamed Altughar
  75. Al Mabruk Abdullah Al khattabi
  76. Mohamed Abdulkadir Bitro
  77. Atiya Abubakr Ashsheikhi
  78. Abdussalam Alnaaji Ikrayhim
  79. Salimah Ahmad Ashshahab
  80. Rahma Abubakr Ali
  81. Salah Assahbi Ali
  82. Mohamed Abdullatef Elmuntasser
  83. Ahmad Mohamed Ahmed Entair
  84. Ibrahim Abu Ajaila Alduraibi



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