‘Fostering Wasati (moderate) Islam in Libya’ Azhar scholarship list announced

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tunis, 2 February 2018:

The Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace (LWPP) has announced the acceptance list for the Al- Wastiya Scholarship at Al-Azhar University  which is part of the program of ‘Fostering Wasati Islam in the Libyan Nation’. The Wastiya scholarship covers the full tuition fees of study at Al-Azhar University in all fields (undergraduate and graduate studies). Al-Azhar University is the most respected moderate (Wasatiy) Islamic centre of learning and training based in Cairo.

Zahra Langhi, Founding Director of the LWPP, said  that ‘‘the Platform received tens of applications from those wishing to join Al-Azhar University both from inside and outside Libya since the scholarship was announced mid-August 2017. The Committee for Fostering Wasati Islam in the Libyan Nation, which is associated with both the LWPP and the World Organization of Al-Azhar Graduates, sorted the applications, taking into consideration gender, regional and cultural diversity as well as the fulfillment  of the conditions of application, to a specialized committee at the Coordinating Bureau, where applications were examined in accordance with the conditions and rules for admission to Al-Azhar’’

The LWPP had previously launched the program for  ‘Fostering Wasati Islam in the Libyan Nation’ on 25th December 2016, in partnership with the World Organization of Al-Azhar Graduates. The program is a partnership between the LWPP and the World Organization of Al-Azhar Graduates.

The aim of the programme is to firstly, support and promote peace and stability in Libya, as moderation is one of the pillars of peace in Libya, the region and the entire international community. Secondly, to call on all components of the Libyan nation, to work on consolidation of national unity and sovereignty of the Libyan state. Thirdly, to activate the collaboration of the nation’s accredited scholars to build ties of kinship, as well as the cooperation of Wasati schools accredited among Muslims under the umbrella of Al-Azhar in its pioneering role.

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