Sharara oilfield resumes production, stoppage cost $30 million: NOC

By Sami Zaptia:


London, 5 March 2018:

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced today that production has resumed at the Reposol operated Sharara oilfield. It said that the stoppage for over 24 hours had led to the loss of about 500,000 barrels and US$ 30 million of potential revenue.

It confirmed that the production had been stopped illegally yesterday lunchtime at a valve on the pipeline to Zawia oil refinery by an individual it named as Hassan Mohamed Juweilly.

The NOC assured that it would be taking action against the individual who caused the halt to production as it considered this ‘’criminal act’’ could have short and long-term effects on the future of Libya.

Juweilly had yesterday announced to the world media that he had indeed shut down the valve that was passing through his land as it was causing it pollution. The NOC denied this claim as ‘‘lies’’.

The NOC said that the same ‘‘criminal’’ Juweilly had attacked the valves last year claiming there was rubble and rubbish strewn on the land that the pipeline passes through. He had demanded a cleaning contract as a means of extorting the NOC and its partner. He had also stolen the valve lever which he used yesterday to close the valve.

The NOC underlined its determination to pursue those who break the law and said it will not give in to pressure. It will continue to guard the nation’s assets, it added.

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