HNEC closes on-line overseas voter registration, but extends it via embassies

By Sami Zaptia:

143-HNEC ends online overseas voter registration-extends it via embassies-130318

London, 13 March 2018:

The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) closed on-line overseas voter registration at midnight yesterday – as had been planned. However, it announced that it was extending it by direct registration through embassies until 31 March.

HNEC reported that a total of 6,267 overseas Libyans had registered on-line from 1/2/18 to 12/3/18. The three countries with the highest number of voters registered were the UK with 1,372, followed by 1,100 in Egypt and 783 in the US and Canada.

HNEC said it was disappointed with the low number of overseas voter registration which it blamed on the on-line registration process.


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