2018 budget discussion looks at reducing 1,752,000 state-sector employees

By Sami Zaptia.

Lugano, 4 April 2018:

The Deputy head of the Presidency Council Ahmed Maetig stressed the need to reduce the state-sector salary section of the budget during his discussions with Finance Ministry officials yesterday. The discussions were part of his general follow up on the delayed 2018 budget.

The discussions emphasised the continued work to link all sectors with the Ministry of Finance National ID Number-based payroll system, in coordination with the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation.

The link to the payroll system is to include all those not funded from the public budget such as public and private companies, banks, and others. The need to use the National ID Number-based payroll system was due to excessive recruitment and hiring of staff in the state-sector which has reached 1,752.000 employees, accounting for 58% of the public budget.

It was agreed to coordinate with all institutions in order to implement the provisions of the pertinent payroll legislation, and work to relieve the demand on the public treasury.


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