Tripoli ‘‘Smart City’’ project launched

By Sami Zaptia.

Lugano, 5 April 2018:

Libya’s National Authority for Communications and Informatics and the security services of the Presidency Council’s Ministry of Interior launched what they referred to as the Tripoli Smart City project today.

The project will start at the end of this month in the Greater Tripoli area and will be rolled out to the rest of the country later, the Tripoli-based LANA state news agency reports.

The project will involve about 1,500 cameras (CCTV) in 400 locations. It will provide information on the state of the weather, traffic, transport, emergencies and crime control. This information will be available through intelligent sensors distributed throughout the city, which will provide ”all the information and services in an intangible and highly accurate manner”, the report stated.

Quoting a National Authority for Communications and Informatics official, LANA reported that the project would have positive results in assisting the police and traffic in the identification, location and solving of congestions, in addition to the provision of information for emergencies, fire, ambulances, police and marching tracks to avoid congestion.

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