Subsidised bread flour to be paid for through e-payments to counter 1,200 ghost bakeries

By Sami Zaptia.

The Ministry of Economy warns CBL of possible crises if LCs for wheat for subsidized bread flour are not opened urgently.

The Ministry of Economy has prescribed that subsidized flour for making bread will be paid for by bakeries through e-payment to counter ghost bakeries (Photo: Archives Libya Herald).

London, 30 May 2018:

Libya’s Presidency Council Ministry of Economy has decided that payments for subsidised flour for bread must now be paid for by bakeries through e-payments.

This comes in its efforts to counter the phenomenon of ghost bakeries, which like Libya’s ghost petrol stations, are registered on paper but do not exist in reality. The Bakeries’ Union estimates this at 1,200 ghost bakeries, the Ministry reported. The phenomenon is leading to a shortage of flour, bread and fuel, as bakeries also receive their quota of subsidised fuel.

The Ministry of Economy also reviewed security procedures for transporting flour and assured that grains will be imported and milled locally. This offers better value and benefits other industries such employment, local mills and animal feed.

The Bakeries’ Union estimates that Libya consumes about 800,000 tones of flour distributed to about 5,500 bakeries, the Ministry of Economy said.

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