Serraj reassures of his committment to Paris outcomes within red lines and democratic process

By Sami Zaptia.

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London, 31 May 2018:

The head of the Presidency Council (PC) Faiez Serraj has today reassured of his full commitment to the agreed outcomes of the Paris conference on Libya held on 29 May.

In a statement issued today, Serraj saluted the courage of the participants who agreed on the outcomes at a critical time for the sake of the higher national interest.

The head of the PC assured that he stands at equal distance from all the contending political parties, hoping that the Paris meeting will support the wave of reconciliation, forgiveness, accord and unity.

He hoped that after Paris, there will be a halt to the inciteful campaigns that aim at enshrining division and differences.

Serraj called on all to make concessions for the nation so that Libya can pass to safe ground. He thanked France and all the states that participated in the Paris meeting and that had expressed its sincere desire in supporting accord in Libya.

However, Serraj confirmed what he referred to as the ‘‘red lines’’ that would never be given up or conceded:

The unity, safety and sovereignty of Libya; the Libyan citizens’ interests and their rights in deciding their future and in imposing their will through democratic ways and through the ballot box.

He said that the four Libyan parties meeting in Paris had ‘‘agreed upon’’ these.



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