China delivers US$ 6 million of medical aid and anticipates increased cooperation

By Sami Zaptia.

China delivers US$ 6 million worth of medical aid to Libya (Photo: PC Ministry of Health).

China delivers US$ 6 million worth of medical aid to Libya (Photo: PC Ministry of Health).

London, 14 June 2018:

China delivered US$ 6 million of medical aid to Libya and anticipated increased cooperation with Libya. The revelation was made by Libya’s Presidency Council Minister of Health Omar Bashir al-Tahir after signing a receipt for the supplies in a meeting with China’s Chargé d’affaires Wang Qimin at the Chinese embassy for Libya.

Al-Tahir undertook to distribute the medical supplies to those who need it and said that “The economic downturn in Libya is only a temporary phase which we hope will soon pass. Libya needs comprehensive community development as it is characterized by its geographical location and has a strategic oil stockpile’’.

“We undertake to distribute this assistance from the state of China to Libyan hospitals where there is a high turnout of patients and also to hospitals in cities that have suffered from clashes”, he added.

Chargé d’affaires Wang Qimin, disclosed that there is “substantial cooperation on the horizon” which the two countries will exchange.

Stressing his country’s support for the “Stability Plan in Libya,” he added, “this plan will be a motive for the return of Chinese companies to Libya, because we will develop relations between our two countries very much, especially on the health side.”

“China annually offers its support to Libya by carrying out training programs on the health side, and after stabilization we will provide our support through experts specialising in the treatment of many diseases and also through medical products because we are committed to the quality of medical products exported abroad.”

In the same vein, the Minister of Health expressed his “great appreciation” for the efforts made by the Chinese state through its “supporting” positions for the Libyan people in the many areas, stressing that Chinese medical industries matched their European counterparts in quality while at the same time, they were characterized by low prices compared with European-origin products.

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