UNSMIL publishes details of militia ceasefire agreement

By Sami Zaptia.


Dusseldorf, 10 September 2018:

UNSMIL, the United Nations Special Mission in Libya, published the details of the “Ceasefire Consolidation Agreement” signed on 4 September in Zawia between the militia factions fighting in the south of Tripoli over the last two weeks.

Here is the full text of the UNSMIL statement:

The Ceasefire Consolidation Agreement
Based on the 4 September Ceasefire Agreement and the 6 September Security Council statement demanding immediate cessation of violence, adherence to the truce, sparing of lives and protection of civilians, the parties agree to the following steps:
1. Develop a monitoring and verification mechanism to consolidate the ceasefire
under the oversight and guidance of the Joint Operations Centre.
2. Reposition [the formations] to agreed-upon-locations to enable the restoration
of normalcy to conflict areas in particular, and Greater Tripoli in general. This shall be followed by development of a disengagement mechanism.
3. Store all heavy and medium weapons inside the premises of the formations.
4. Develop a plan for the withdrawal of the armed formations from the sovereign locations and critical infrastructure, to be gradually replaced by regular forces (army and police), starting with Mitiga Airport, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Tripoli Port, the Central Bank of Libya and branches of banks, the National Oil Company sites (starting with Al-Hani fuel tanks and the Airport), the National Electricity Company, particularly the Control Room, the General Authority for Communications and Informatics and the Libyan Investment Authority, according to a defined time-plan.
5. Dissolve the current Security Arrangements Committee by the Presidency Council and re-form a new committee to address the security arrangements. The committee will receive the needed support from UNSMIL.
6. A written pledge by Tripoli armed groups to refrain from extortion, pressure or entry into the sovereign institutions.
7. Announce a package of economic reforms within one week from today and
commence its implementation.
8. Abolish a set of decrees issued during the past period transferring state
authorities to armed groups.


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