UNSMIL condemns attacks on medical facilities, banks and Sabratha

By Sami Zaptia.


London, 6 November 2018:

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has condemned the attacks on Libya’s medical facilities, banks and on Sabratha conducted by militias.

In separate statements released over the last few days, UNSMIL condemned the attack against Jalaa Hospital for Women and Childbirth in Tripoli, by militias.

It stated thst the attackers shot one doctor and threatened the safety and security of the medical staff at the hospital, resulting in a three-day halt of all non-emergency medical services.

Persistent violence against medical facilities, the statement continued,  including shelling and bombing of hospitals, attacking and intimidating medical staff, looting of medicine, equipment and ambulances, and clashes inside hospitals – all committed with impunity by armed groups – must stop immediately.

The UNSMIL statement said that the health system of Libya is already under-resourced and overstretched,and that  these attacks are costing lives of innocent patients and staff alike.

It expressed its solidarity with the staff at Jalaa Hospital and medical personnel across Libya.

Furthermore, it warned the perpetrators that attacks against medical facilities and health care providers are prohibited under International Humanitarian Law and that those responsible must be brought to justice for what may amount to war crimes, under the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court.

On another note, UNSMIL also condemned yesterday the recurring assaults on the Aman Bank, Al-Siyahiya Branch in Tripoli, by a gang led by Izzeddin al-Daw, Mohammed al-Daw and Abdelkarim Al-Rammah.

It stressed that physically attacking, harassing women and extorting them financially in return for bank services is immoral and illegal.

UNSMIL also condemned the Sunday attack on Sabratha. It warned against further escalation. Attacks on civilian facilities and endangering civilians, and in this case young children, are prohibited by the International Humanitarian Law, it reminded.

It warned that “Elements on the sanctions list are under intense scrutiny”.

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