Cold snap hits western region

By Sami Zaptia.

A cold snap hits Western Libya (Photos: Social media).

A cold snap hits Western Libya (Photos: Social media).

London, 24 February 2019:

A cold snap has hit the Greater Tripolitania region overnight. Cold, wind, heavy rain and hail hit the coastal areas.

Snow fell in a number of Western / Nefusa Mountains areas such as Zintan, Gharian and Jalu.

Today’s schools were cancelled late last night by the Faiez Serraj government. Council workers have been out unblocking drains.

Residents told Libya Herald that roads are better off than the first season’s rain due to a general clean up ahead of the 17th February Revolution celebrations.

Officially, the temperatures are in the low single figures but the “feels like” temperatures are zero and below. Tarhuna registered a “feels like” temperatures of minus seven.

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