Conference on PPP in airports sector held in Tripoli

By Sami Zaptia.

(Photo: Libyan Airports Authority).

A conference on PPP in the airports sector was held in Tripoli yesterday (Photo: Libyan Airports Authority).

London, 25 February 2019:

A scientific symposium organized by Libya’s Airports Authority on public-private sector participation in the airports sector was held in Tripoli yesterday.

It was attended by Deputy Presidency Council member Ahmed Maetig, the Minister of Planning, the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Transport as well as members of the High State Council and a number of directors of banks, airlines, directors of airports, a number of academics and specialists interested in the field.

The symposium dealt with several presentations, papers and discussion  sessions for a number of participants aimed at strengthening the concept of public-private partnership in the airport industry.

It also reviewed the experiences of other countries that followed the format, which seeks to change the Libyan government’s activity from operating the infrastructure and providing services to focusing on the development of policies, strategies and the monitoring of service providers.

The meeting envisioned the role of the private sector based on the implementation of development projects at airports, development and maintenance on a regular basis, upgrading of facilities and provision of high quality services through the utilization of administrative and technical competencies and the financing capacities of the private sector.

At the end of the seminar, a number of recommendations were made which will be submitted by the Airports Authority to the competent state authorities to take the necessary action and to promote and upgrade Libyan airports to the standard of those in developed countries.


Tripoli to hold February conference on PPP investment in airports



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