Libya Business Council makes a series of recommendations

By Sami Zaptia.

The Libyan Business Council as made a number of recommendations for improving the business environment (Photo: LBC).

The Libyan Business Council has made a number of recommendations for improving the business environment (Photo: LBC).

London, 26 February 2019:

Libya’s Business Council (LBC), the country’s only legally recognized business council, approved a series of recommendations during its meeting in Tripoli on Sunday.

These included a number of actions related to the development of working mechanisms in accordance with the LBC’s approved strategy.

The meeting made the following nine recommendations:

First: The formation of Committees to study the opening of LBC representative offices in Libyan cities.

Second: Strengthening communication with the Maghreb Federation of Employers and naming an LBC representative to it.

Third: Cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of Labour and its Financial Facilities Fund on support of SMEs and youth projects.

Fourth: To recommend to the Ministry of Economy the need to activate the Competition Council and to enforce the law protecting exclusive commercial distributorship /agency agreements and to establish a transparent mechanism to deal with tenders.

Fifth: To set up a mechanism for the implementation of a number of training courses for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Sixth. To reactivate the LBC’s subcommittees and strengthen their role within the sectors represented in each committee.

Seventh: The LBC to hold an ad hoc meeting on the mechanism of work of these committees and the selection of their chairs.

Eighth: Agreement on the participation of the LBC in the Tripoli International Fair at its next April session.

Ninth: Agreed on the support and development of the services section of the LBC in preparation to launching a range of miscellaneous services for the benefit of its members.

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