LD 111 million development and maintenance health budget allocated for 20 projects

By Sami Zaptia.

The Tripoli-based Ministry of Health has revealed a number of development and maintenance projects (MoH).

The Tripoli-based Ministry of Health has revealed a number of development and maintenance projects (MoH).

London, 28 February 2019:

In a statement released yesterday, Mohamed Al-Azumi, the Director of the Projects Department of Libya’s Tripoli-based Ministry of Health (MoH), revealed that a budget of LD 111 million was allocated for 20 different development and maintenance projects.

These projects were now being implemented. Other projects had also began in 2018.

He pointed out that no budget had been allocated to the health sector for development and maintenance since 2014, which had led to dilapidated hospital systems, the collapse of infrastructure and the dilapidated sections to the extent that they were not ready to receive patients.

After being allocating budgets in 2018, the Ministry of Health began implementing projects to maintain some major and important hospitals, including the Tripoli Children’s Hospital and maintenance of the second floor in the hospital Burns and Cosmetology Hospital to restore its operation with full capacity.

Maintenance was also carried out on of third floor of the Abu Sleem Accident Hospital, which will increase the capacity of the hospital accommodation by 120 extra beds. The sewage and water systems inside the hospital was also maintained and work on its third floor will commence shortly.

Maintenance of the Department of Internal Medicine and Accidents at Tripoli Central Hospital also started and work is underway to complete maintenance work and equipping its care rooms.

LD 2 million was allocated for the implementation of the strategic project, of the completion of the extension contract for the supply of therapeutic radiology equipment at the National Institute for the Treatment of Tumors.

The MoH also contracted for the supply of five medical oxygen factories to the south and remote areas and it contracted to maintain the main sections of the Al Razi Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital.

A contract was also agreed for the maintenance of the Transplant Center building and of the newly developed Autism Treatment Centre

Finally, a budget of LD 111 million was allocated for the implementation of maintenance work for the following:

1. Zuwara Central Hospital
2. Maintenance and alteration of Jalu Hospital
3. Masalata Hospital Maintenance
4. Maintenance and alteration of al-Ajlat hospital
5. Maintenance and completion of Mutrad Hospital
6. Maintenance and development of the new Brega Hospital
7. Maintenance and development of Al Jamael Hospital
8. Maintenance and development of the Operations Pavilion at Shahat Hospital for Thoracic Diseases
9. Maintenance, development and electromechanical work at Al Wahda Derna Hospital
10. Maintenance and development of Sabha Medical Center
11. Maintenance and development of Bani Walid Hospital
12. Design and implementation of the 150-bed Yifrin Hospital
13. Maintenance of Zliten Polyclinic
14. Maintenance of Misrata Polyclinic
15. Completion of the Tarhuna Clinic Complex building
16. Timsa Health Centre maintenance
17. Maintenance of the Awainat Health Center
18. Maintenance of the Albirka Health Centre
19. Completing the Department of Women and Children at the Al-Gherafa hospital
20. Maintenance and development of the Ghararat clinic complex building

Finally, the MoH said that it was seeking to complete the other parts of its projects to reach a high level of health performance, and to support primary health care centres and support other hospitals that were not supported during 2018 and 19.

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