Serraj and Hafter meet in Abu Dhabi

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 28 February 2019:

Pesidency Council and Government of National Accord sources confirmed to Libya Herald today that its head Faiez Serraj had met with Libyan National Army (LNA) head, Khalifa Hafter, in Abu Dhabi yesterday.

The source said that Serraj had insisted during the meeting on a civilian Libyan state and the necessity to shorten Libya’s transitional stage and the holding of elections.

Meanwhile, UNSMIL has since revealed that its head, Ghassan Salame, hosted the meeting between Serraj and Haftar.

It reported that both parties agreed during the meeting on the need to end the transitional stages in Libya through holding general elections. They also agreed on ways to maintain stability in the country and unify its institutions.

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