Fourth edition of SMEs exhibition attracts 42 percent female participation

By Sami Zaptia.

This year's SME fair attracted 42 percent female participation, the Serraj government reported (Photo: PC).

This year’s SME fair attracted 42 percent female participation, the Serraj government reported (Photo: PC).

London, 12 March 2019:

The fourth edition of the Libyan Small and Medium Sized (SME) fair kicked off at the Al Mahari Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital Tripoli on Saturday morning for two days.

The event was attended by a number of Ministers, business owners and budding youth entrepreneurs interested in marketing small and start-up projects. There were 28 projects participating in this year’s event in the fields of tourism, food industry, fashion, technical, medical and engineering industries. These were selected by juries from an initial 132 participating projects.

The exhibition is aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups or those with a business idea and want to transform it into an operating company at the exhibition which offers them a space to showcase their projects and market their ideas.

During his opening speech, the Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation praised the efforts made by the organizers, financiers and participants, noting that such exhibitions are an essential step in creating a suitable environment to motivate the microentrepreneurs to showcase their projects and open the way for cooperation between them and the businesses.

The state is seeking to support the transformation of young and small enterprises, he said, adding that youth are the driving force of small and medium-sized businesses.

He explained that such exhibitions constitute a successful partnership between the public and private sectors, stressing the Ministry’s support for such projects aimed at creating a culture of creativity among young people and working to create a successful strategy to support the national economy in coordination with all institutions and sectors.

The Minister also pointed out that the participants in the exhibition were from all Libyan cities and that women participants had reached 42 percent.

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