Libyan dates exported to Morocco through Benghazi port

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 25 March 2019:

Libyan Sudda Trading Company exported a shipment of dates to Morocco, the Benghazi Chamber of Commerce and Industry reported yesterday.

The variety exported was the al-Saidi which was processed through Benghazi port.

The quantity of about 160 tons was shipped in six refrigerated containers on board the ship Pinara, which completed the shipping procedures through the commercial agent, the Waves of Libya, the BCCI reported.

The shipment is good news for Libya’s dates sector which has been producing quantities beyond local consumption, but has been unable to export. The former Qaddafi regime had invested tens of millions in the date sector in an attempt to create regional economies in the south and to diversify Libya’s economic revenues away from the hydrocarbon sector.

Libya’s Export Promotion Centre has identified dates as a prime target for increased exports.

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