Both sides in Tripoli fighting accuse opponents of bombing of civilian areas

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 15 April 2019:

Both sides in the Tripoli fighting accuse the other of bombing residential areas in Tripoli as fighting continues and the media campaign intensifies.

The anti-Hafter forces accused the LNA and its allies of using Grad missiles and Houn shells to target central areas of Tripoli such as Arada as well as Ain Zara and Hadba.

The LNA’s War Information Division, for its part claimed that Grad missiles were fired at the Hadba Project and Hay Al-Akwakh by the Tripoli forces in order to win ‘‘public opinion’’. They also claimed the Tripoli forces dropped exploding barrels on the Sug Al-Khamis area.

LNS Spokesperson Ahmed Mesmari claimed that the Tripoli-aligned Air Force taking off from Misrata targeted a company site in Gaser Ben Ghashir killing foreign workers.

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