HoR designates the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: HoR).

London, 14 May 2019:

Libya’s internationally recognized parliament based in Tobruk, the House of Representatives (HoR) designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization in its session today.

The decision was taken during a session attended by only ‘‘70-plus members’’ attending according to official spokesperson Abdalla Belheeg – which means the session did not have a quorum.

The HoR claims that the Muslim Brotherhood supports militias and terrorists in Tripoli.

Belheeg also reported that the HoR stressed that the constitutional location for the HoR is Tobruk or Benghazi, implying that the recently held sessions by the anti Hafter war on Tripoli breakaway group in Tripoli were unconstitutional.

He also announced that the HoR had created a committee to discuss the HoR sessions held in Tripoli, a committee to study the distribution of Libya’s state wealth and its misuse by the Serraj government.

Belheeg also said that a committee was created to liase with the international community and to call on the UN Security Council to stop supporting the Faiez Serraj government.


Anti Hafter HoR faction holds session in Tripoli


Anti Tripoli war HoR members hold Tripoli session


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