Libya’s Sirte Oil Company development drilling increases production

By Sami Zaptia.

(Logo: NOC).

London, 15 May 2019:

Sirte Oil Company (SOC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), has completed successful development drilling of well FF03-6 of the Gargaf gas formation within the Istiklal oilfield, the NOC reported yesterday.

The NOC says that it is actively promoting development drilling across the Libyan oil sector is actively promoted within its framework of ongoing efforts to increase and maintain production and ensure regular gas supply to coastal region power plants.

The testing of this well was conducted on 12 May and drilled utilizing Aphron technology – a modern drilling fluid system utilized under the supervision of the Al-Jowfe Service Company, the NOC reported.

The NOC said that preliminary drilling results were encouraging. It released the following the technical details:

Choke diameter: 64/32 inch

Condensates production rate: 263 bpd

Gas production rate: 7,103 MMSCFD

Choke diameter: 40/64 inch

Condensates production rate: 328 bpd

Gas production rate: 11,725 MMSCFD

Choke diameter: 64/48 inch

Condensates production rate: 455bpd

Gas production rate: 13,979 MMSCFD


It said that well completion is to be finalised using production pipelines and well-accessories designed according to specific reservoir conditions.

SOC will be responsible for the gas transportation system and coastal gas pipeline from Benina to Mellitah, carrying natural gas which supplies industrial facilities, power plants and desalination plants, the NOC said.

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